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Free-Standing Tubs: Soaking Up the Luxury

October 3, 2017

From cast iron to resin, copper, and wood, today’s free-standing tubs may be the ultimate home bath luxury.

  1. Kaya

    Signaturehardware.com 9286 l 400x448

    The sleek curves of Signature Hardware’s Kaya tub bring a soft touch to the crisp lines of a modern bath. Made of white resin, the 70 1/2” x 33” x 19 1/4” tub features a matte exterior surface that is easy to maintain and repair if necessary. Available online for $2,997, the tub is shipped free to your home. For complete info, visit signaturehardware.com.

    Photo: Signature Hardware

  2. The Spa Home Bath

    Designerscollaborativenyc bruce bieman stand alone duravit tub in a palm beach bathroom by bruce bierman

    Looking for a way to turn your bathroom into a spa-like retreat? Consider replacing your old molded built-in tub with a luxurious new freestanding one. Available in a wide range of materials and styles—from classic and traditional to sleek and ultra-modern—here’s a look at some of today’s best designs, starting with the Duravit bath shown here.

    Photo: Designers Collaborative NYC

  3. Cast Iron Nexus

    Toto cast iron nexus bathtub fbf794s zoom

    Lend a fresh twist to a transitional bath with the Nexus tub by Toto. Made of enameled cast iron with slip-resistant inner surface and acrylic skirt, the 66 15/16” x 2 1/2” x 21 1/8” tub is available in a Cotton white hue in two finishes for $4,578.

    Photo: Toto USA

  4. Abrazo

    Kohler abrazo freestanding bath

    Kohler’s sensuous Abrazo, inspired by the organic shapes of clay pottery and crafted from a unique solid surface material, features a white matte finish like smooth stone that is warm to the touch. An integral overflow slot allows for the deepest possible water level, while a toe-tap drain empties through the center. The 66” x 31 1/2” bath lists for $7,280.

    Photo: Kohler

  5. Margaux

    Waterworks mabt01 margaux curved freestanding tub

    Enriched with the patina of burnished cast iron on the outside and finished with cool white enamel on the inside, Waterworks’ beautiful freestanding Margaux tub brings a touch of luxurious vintage European flavor to traditional settings. The 70” x 30” x 27” tub—wide design enhances comfort and is easy to install. See your Waterworks dealer for pricing.

    Photo: Waterworks

  6. Hammered Copper

    Premier copper products hammered single slipper tubbts67db 300x300

    Add earth-friendly character to a country bath with Premier Copper Products’ Hammered Copper Single Slipper Tub. The 67” x 33” x 32” tub is handmade of recycled 99.7% recycled copper. It also features a 2″ rolled rim and comes with a lifetime warranty.

    Photo: Premier Copper Products

  7. Wave Skipper

    Bagnosasso skipper wooden bathtub

    Melt away the cares of the day with Bagno Sasso’s exquisite Wave Skipper. Made of mahogany and ideal for modern settings, the sleek tub’s unique construction is inspired by yacht design and fits into both small and large baths. Visit bagnosasso.com for showroom locations and pricing.

    Photo: Bagno Sasso

  8. Natural Stone

    Stoneimpressions natural bathtub 1246900808 detail

    Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Stone Forest’s oval-shape natural stone tub. Made to order and available in 60” or 72” lengths, the inspired tub comes in granite, marble, or onyx and a range of seven colors. Carved from a single block, the granite tubs feature polished interiors and rims with chiseled exteriors; marble models come completely polished. Visit stoneimpressions.com for full details.

    Photo: Stone Impressions

  9. Largaro

    Porcher lagaro freestanding bathtub

    Introduce a pop of personality to your bath with Porcher’s snappy Largaro tub. Made of a Euro-Cast material as strong as cast iron but which feels like acrylic, the tub’s legs are adjustable and the factory-primed exterior finish can be painted in the color of your choice. The 67” x 31 1/4” x 21 5/16” tub lists for about $2,650.

    Photo: Porcher

  10. Soaking Bath

    Diamondspas.com craftsmancopperjapanesetub

    Treat yourself to a daily dose of zen-inspired bliss with Diamond Spas’ Stainless Steel Circular Japanese Soaking Bath. Measuring 42″ round by 35” deep, the stunning sculptural tub is equally at home in urban and country contexts. Visit diamondspas.com for more information on fabrication and pricing.

    Photo: Diamond Spas

  11. Happy D.

    Duravit.com happy d. tub 400x423

    Simple, modern, and timeless, Duravit’s iconic Happy D. bath combines high design with an affordable price tag. Created by Sieger Design, the tub comes in white acrylic and may be faced with real wood veneers in a variety of species and colors. Visit duravit.com for retailers and pricing.

    Photo: Duravit

10 Dreamy Bathroom Amenities

September 11, 2017

Regardless of how large or small your bathroom is, you can still find ways to upgrade it to the bathroom you desire. After all, it’s a room that requires function to get a fresh start on the day ahead, but it needs features to help you relax at night.

If you’re looking for inspiration, look no further than these luxury bathroom amenities. They will have you dreaming of all the changes you can make to create the relaxing bathroom you’ve always wanted.

Luxury Bathroom Sink

Bathroom Remodeling Costs

Besides being a space to rest and relax, if you’re selling your home, the bathroom could be a large factor in those looking to buy. The look and feel of a bathroom can impact a buyer’s decision. If you’re considering selling your home, now is the perfect time to consider a bathroom remodel. Much of the cost depends on what luxurious amenities you decide to add to your new bathroom.

Luxury Bathroom Double Vanity

1. Luxury Bathroom Vanities

If you’re looking for a bathroom amenity that can change how you function, look no further than a double bathroom vanity. Instead of fighting over a single sink in the morning, this gives you and your significant other the space you need to prepare for the day. Choose a countertop material like marble to really give the look of luxury to your bathroom vanity.

Vessel Sink Luxury Bathroom

2. Luxury Bathroom Faucets

Simply changing out your faucet with a newer model can sometimes give your bathroom the look you desire without the price tag of a complete remodel. Wall-mount sink faucets will give your bathroom a sleek look and not get in the way of your vanity display.

3. Luxury Bathroom Sinks

Once you update your faucet, you must update your bathroom sink to complete the look. Nothing quite says extravagance like a vessel sink. Not only is it a modern upgrade, but it’s also a décor focal point of the bathroom.

Luxury Bathroom Rainfall Shower

4. Luxury Bathroom Shower

Your shower experience can be instantly changed with an update to your shower head. Having dual shower heads or including a rainfall shower head can be just what you need to relax at the end of the day.

If you’re remodeling your bathroom, consider expanding the size of your shower for the look of luxury. Glass or frosted glass doors will make all the difference here. This is an expansion that will never go out of style.

Luxury Bathroom Bathtub

5. Luxury Bathroom Tub

If you’re remodeling your bathroom to the best, you must include a soaker tub. Not only do they look beautiful, they are the remedy to a long and busy day, providing a place to unwind and relax. Soaker tubs come in many varieties from freestanding to drop in, so it’s easy to match with the look you want. The good news is that if you’d love a soaker tub, but not sure you have the space available, there are small bathroom tub options to choose from.

Luxury Bathroom Lighting

6. Luxury Bathroom Lighting

The function of your bathroom can largely be enhanced by the lighting of your bathroom. One of the first ways you should upgrade your bathroom lighting is by adding a dimmer switch. This allows you to control how much light you’d like in the room. Keep it bright in the morning as you’re getting ready for the day and turn it down low at night to relax. Dimmer switches can be added to any bathroom, regardless of size.

If you’re looking to really make a statement of extravagance in the bathroom, a chandelier will give the look you desire. Bathroom chandeliers come in various options; some are ceiling-mounted and some can be mounted on the wall above your vanity. Whatever you choose, you’re bound to get the look of luxury.

Luxury Bathroom Rug

7. Luxury Bathroom Rugs

Don’t forget about your feet when you’re upgrading your bathroom. Regardless of size, you can add a few plush rugs to the room to warm it up. Consider memory foam options that make it feel like you’re walking on a cloud! Keep in mind, you’ll want something that’s mildew-resistant, as there tends to be a lot of moisture in the bathroom.

Luxury Bathroom Accessories

8. Luxury Bathroom Accessories

When you’re remodeling for luxury, don’t forget to include accessories that can improve the way you use the space. Adding a towel warmer to your bathroom can ensure you have a cozy way to dry off every time you step out of the shower.

Don’t forget the smaller items like wastebasket, toothbrush holder and soap dispenser. Look for trendy options that will last to give your bathroom the elegance it needs.

Luxury Bathroom Shower

9. Luxury Bathroom Technology

The latest advances in technology are now available to integrate into your bathroom. Consider upgrading your shower to include digital shower control. You can easily set your desired temperature every time, without worrying about an unexpected splash of cold water.

If your shower is where you sing your best, you may want to consider adding a way to stream your favorite music. Kohler’s Moxie Shower Head includes a speaker so you never have to worry about damaging your sound system.

Finally, consider technology upgrades in the bathroom that allow you to conserve water and energy. Eco-friendly sensor faucets allow family members to only use the water they need with motion-detecting technology.

Luxury Bathroom Fireplace

10. Luxury Bathroom Fireplace

One of the most relaxing bathroom amenities you could add is a fireplace. Not only does it exude elegance, it can enhance your bathroom experience with the ambiance it provides. For the bathroom, an electric fireplace is the way to go.


You can create the bathroom you’ve always wanted. While you may not be able to include all these dreamy amenities to your bathroom, you can still draw inspiration from these ideas to upgrade your bathroom. It’s time to fall in love with your bathroom again!

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8 Cutting-Edge Components for Your Dream Bathroom

March 16, 2016

  1. Touchless Technology


    The clean and hygienic bathroom of your dreams starts with touchless flushing technology, which keeps germs off the toilet handle. Kohler’s touchless flush comes standard on several models, including this Cimarron. If you’d rather not replace your whole toilet, you can buy a retrofit kit that easily converts a standard flush toilet into a touchless one.

    Photo: kohler.com

  2. Water-Efficient Fixtures


    Protecting the environment doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort or style. Hansgrohe’s Croma Green Showerpipe combines an efficient hand shower and shower head in a single attractive fixture. Water-saving AirPower technology mixes air into the water stream for plumper water droplets and a more pleasurable showering experience.

    Photo: hansgrohe- usa.com

  3. Radiant Heat


    Install radiant heating under your floorboards for quiet, invisible, and energy-efficient warmth that you can feel the moment you step out of the shower. If a full bathroom renovation isn’t in the cards, get that instant coziness by installing a wall-mounted heated towel bar so you’ll always have toasty towels waiting for you.

    Photo: uponor- usa.com

  4. Engineered Stone for Walls and Countertops


    For bathroom countertops and walls that resist scratches, stains, mold, and mildew, consider nonporous engineered stone. With offerings that include natural stone look-alikes and textured wall cladding, Caesarstone has the perfect engineered stone for any bathroom remodel.

    Photo: caesarstoneus.com

  5. Lighted Mirrors for Day and Night


    The Baci wall-mounted shaving and makeup mirror by Remcraft folds conveniently out of the way and features energy-efficient LED lighting that changes hue with push-button ease. Adjust the settings to apply makeup for a candlelit dinner or a day outside in the sun.

    Photo: baciathome.com

  6. Heated Bathtub


    A luxurious bathroom starts with a spa-like tub. If you’re looking for the ultimate in soaking self-indulgence, Bask technology from Kohler heats the surface of the tub, treating your back and neck to relaxing, comforting warmth. Three temperature settings allow for total control of the bathing experience.

    Photo: kohler.com

  7. Music to Relax By


    Every well-designed, comfortable bathroom needs a fan, but what about a built-in sound system? Broan’s new Sensonic speaker fan effectively and quietly clears humidity and odors from the room, while its hidden Bluetooth-connected speakers play audio from your smartphone, tablet, or music player, letting you stay connected to your playlist even while you’re lounging in the tub.

    Photo: broan.com

  8. Water-Saving Toilets That Don’t Compromise on Performance


    Toto recently unveiled its newest water-saving Neorest toilets, which are not only ecologically sound, but luxurious too. Incorporating heated seats, integrated washlets, an air deodorizer, and night light, the Neorest is also equipped with water technology that keeps the bowl cleaner for longer.

    Photo: totousa.com

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