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Free-Standing Tubs: Soaking Up the Luxury

October 3, 2017

From cast iron to resin, copper, and wood, today’s free-standing tubs may be the ultimate home bath luxury.

  1. Kaya

    Signaturehardware.com 9286 l 400x448

    The sleek curves of Signature Hardware’s Kaya tub bring a soft touch to the crisp lines of a modern bath. Made of white resin, the 70 1/2” x 33” x 19 1/4” tub features a matte exterior surface that is easy to maintain and repair if necessary. Available online for $2,997, the tub is shipped free to your home. For complete info, visit signaturehardware.com.

    Photo: Signature Hardware

  2. The Spa Home Bath

    Designerscollaborativenyc bruce bieman stand alone duravit tub in a palm beach bathroom by bruce bierman

    Looking for a way to turn your bathroom into a spa-like retreat? Consider replacing your old molded built-in tub with a luxurious new freestanding one. Available in a wide range of materials and styles—from classic and traditional to sleek and ultra-modern—here’s a look at some of today’s best designs, starting with the Duravit bath shown here.

    Photo: Designers Collaborative NYC

  3. Cast Iron Nexus

    Toto cast iron nexus bathtub fbf794s zoom

    Lend a fresh twist to a transitional bath with the Nexus tub by Toto. Made of enameled cast iron with slip-resistant inner surface and acrylic skirt, the 66 15/16” x 2 1/2” x 21 1/8” tub is available in a Cotton white hue in two finishes for $4,578.

    Photo: Toto USA

  4. Abrazo

    Kohler abrazo freestanding bath

    Kohler’s sensuous Abrazo, inspired by the organic shapes of clay pottery and crafted from a unique solid surface material, features a white matte finish like smooth stone that is warm to the touch. An integral overflow slot allows for the deepest possible water level, while a toe-tap drain empties through the center. The 66” x 31 1/2” bath lists for $7,280.

    Photo: Kohler

  5. Margaux

    Waterworks mabt01 margaux curved freestanding tub

    Enriched with the patina of burnished cast iron on the outside and finished with cool white enamel on the inside, Waterworks’ beautiful freestanding Margaux tub brings a touch of luxurious vintage European flavor to traditional settings. The 70” x 30” x 27” tub—wide design enhances comfort and is easy to install. See your Waterworks dealer for pricing.

    Photo: Waterworks

  6. Hammered Copper

    Premier copper products hammered single slipper tubbts67db 300x300

    Add earth-friendly character to a country bath with Premier Copper Products’ Hammered Copper Single Slipper Tub. The 67” x 33” x 32” tub is handmade of recycled 99.7% recycled copper. It also features a 2″ rolled rim and comes with a lifetime warranty.

    Photo: Premier Copper Products

  7. Wave Skipper

    Bagnosasso skipper wooden bathtub

    Melt away the cares of the day with Bagno Sasso’s exquisite Wave Skipper. Made of mahogany and ideal for modern settings, the sleek tub’s unique construction is inspired by yacht design and fits into both small and large baths. Visit bagnosasso.com for showroom locations and pricing.

    Photo: Bagno Sasso

  8. Natural Stone

    Stoneimpressions natural bathtub 1246900808 detail

    Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Stone Forest’s oval-shape natural stone tub. Made to order and available in 60” or 72” lengths, the inspired tub comes in granite, marble, or onyx and a range of seven colors. Carved from a single block, the granite tubs feature polished interiors and rims with chiseled exteriors; marble models come completely polished. Visit stoneimpressions.com for full details.

    Photo: Stone Impressions

  9. Largaro

    Porcher lagaro freestanding bathtub

    Introduce a pop of personality to your bath with Porcher’s snappy Largaro tub. Made of a Euro-Cast material as strong as cast iron but which feels like acrylic, the tub’s legs are adjustable and the factory-primed exterior finish can be painted in the color of your choice. The 67” x 31 1/4” x 21 5/16” tub lists for about $2,650.

    Photo: Porcher

  10. Soaking Bath

    Diamondspas.com craftsmancopperjapanesetub

    Treat yourself to a daily dose of zen-inspired bliss with Diamond Spas’ Stainless Steel Circular Japanese Soaking Bath. Measuring 42″ round by 35” deep, the stunning sculptural tub is equally at home in urban and country contexts. Visit diamondspas.com for more information on fabrication and pricing.

    Photo: Diamond Spas

  11. Happy D.

    Duravit.com happy d. tub 400x423

    Simple, modern, and timeless, Duravit’s iconic Happy D. bath combines high design with an affordable price tag. Created by Sieger Design, the tub comes in white acrylic and may be faced with real wood veneers in a variety of species and colors. Visit duravit.com for retailers and pricing.

    Photo: Duravit

Finding The Right Shower Style For Your Bathroom

May 19, 2017

A luxurious bathroom can be large or small, believe it or not. It often depends on the features you have included. Showers are one of the largest features that can either become a place you can’t wait to relax or turn your bathroom into a space you hate.

While there are some simple fixes you can do to improve your shower, it might not always be what’s needed. A new shower can be just what’s needed to make the most of the space in your bathroom. If you’re considering a bathroom remodel, this is not a feature you want to overlook. From a walk-in shower to a bathtub shower combo, it’s time to find the right style for your bathroom.

Shower Installation Costs

Shower Installation Costs

If you’re remodeling the entire bathroom or just changing your current space with a new shower, it’s important to budget appropriately. After all, a new shower is a large investment to be adding to your home. The average cost to install a shower is $2,997, with most homeowners spending between $1,420 and $3,411. However, there are many factors that impact those costs. Will you be replacing any of the current fixtures or moving any piping? A tile shower may cost more depending on the materials you choose. These factors and more will impact the final cost of your shower.

Walk In Shower

Walk-In Shower Ideas

If you’re updating to save space or want a trendy new addition to your bathroom, a walk-in shower can be the perfect choice. For small bathrooms, it’s a great way to save space if you don’t need a bathtub. They also can be extremely versatile in how you want to remodel them. Often, walk-in showers are accompanied by a glass door rather than a shower curtain, but there are plenty of unique options to fit your style.

Walk-In Showers Without Doors

While many walk-in showers have doors, many homeowners are opting for a divider wall instead. This wall can be a partial or full barrier to reduce any water from leaving the shower area. While some are straight, others have an artistic curve to give the space a unique flair.

Walk-In Showers With Seat

Unlike other shower styles, walk-ins provide an opportunity for a shower seat or bench to be included. This is a great option for those with accessibility needs or simply if you want a place to rest in your shower.

Bathtub Shower Combo

Bathtub Shower Combo

While walk-ins can provide the size shower you may need for a small bathroom, you’d miss out on a bathtub that can be extremely useful. Bathtub shower combos are among the most popular for homeowners, especially those with younger children. With this, you truly get the best of both worlds.

Bathtub shower combos are typically against a wall and come in various sizes, so it’s easy to find one to fit your bathroom and add a bit of luxury.

Freestanding Tub & Shower Combo

When you think of elegance in the bathroom, what do you envision? Many of us picture a classic claw foot tub in the room. Freestanding or claw foot tubs are a great way to give any bathroom a vintage feel, but it can be tricky if a shower is a necessity. Some opt to have a handheld shower head to use without mounting it. However, most homeowners choose to mount it above the tub and enclose it with shower curtains, keeping the vintage look.

Corner Shower

Corner Shower

If you’re biggest concern is saving space in your bathroom, a corner shower might be the answer. Often, bathroom corners go unused, so this is a way to make the most of your useable space. This small, walk-in style shower can fit in any sized bathroom with an available corner. Often, they are smaller than other styles, but are unique. Depending on the size, you may opt for a small door or simply to close it off with a shower curtain.

Accessible Shower

Accessible Shower

In this day and age, having a versatile home is key to both longevity in your home and an ROI when it comes time to sell. One feature homeowners are looking for is an accessible shower. While bathtub shower combos are nice, they often lack the accessibility. Even the smallest edge on a shower tray for a walk-in shower can be an issue for families with accessibility needs. Barrier-free showers are the safe bathroom solution. Barrier-free showers come in many sizes to fit any kind of bathroom

It’s a good idea to also consider grab bars and seating that can be utilized. Grab bars and benches can be an easy DIY project to complete on your own, adding additional accessibility benefits.


During a bathroom remodel, you’ll have many choices to make. Your shower should be of the highest considerations considering the investment you’ll be making. Think about the needs of your family and the size of your space to determine what shower style is best for you.

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20 Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Big

January 30, 2017

If you are saddled with a small bathroom, consider one or more of these space-enhancing products.

By Bob Vila

  • Sink Consoles


    Replacing a traditional vanity cabinet with a console will help make a small bathroom appear larger.

    Photo: potterybarn.com

  • Towel Racks


    Attaching multiple towel racks to the inside of a bathroom door will save space. This look can be accomplished by buying multiples in any good quality towel rack, like the polished chrome Delta Silverton towel rack.

    Photo: tofermakowka.com

  • Storage Totes


    Organization is a “must” in the small bathroom. These chunky woven tote baskets from Crate and Barrel, are not only beautiful but practical, as each is accented with gray faux-leather trim.

    Photo: crateandbarrel.com

  • Wall Sconces


    Lighting can make a big difference in a small bathroom.  Consider wall sconces, like this Regency-inspired Pilmico design from Restoration Hardware, to provide soft, even and adjustable illumination.  Made of brass with polished nickel finish, it features an adjustable swing-arm.

    Photo: restorationhardware.com

  • Glass Bath Jars


    Glass containers, like these Apothecary Jars from Restoration Hardware, will look light and airy in a small bathroom. Featuring a cast-pewter base and lid, their snug-fitting tops will keep contents free of moisture and dust.

    Photo: restorationhardware.com

  • Petite Vanity


    Sometimes replacing a larger vanity with a smaller one can open the space in a small bathroom. This petite vanity from Fairmont Designs features starburst-pattern wood grain and its legs make it appear taller.  It also comes with a matching mirror.

    Photo: fairmontdesigns.com

  • Decorative Lighting


    If you have a single fixture above your vanity mirror, you can do a lot to improve illumination and style by replacing it. This World Imports’ 3-Light Bath Bar, from Home Depot, features tea-stained glass, matching crystals and silver and bronze finish.

    Photo: homedepot.com

  • Space-Saving Shelving


    This over-the-toilet shelving unit from Home Styles is a great space-saver for any bath, but especially the small bathroom. The open shelving is designed for small spaces, and the gray powder colored metal frame suits almost any color scheme.

    Photo: meijer.com

  • Shelf with Towel Bar


    The Dottingham Double Glass Bathroom Shelf, shown here from Allied Brass, not only offers decorative shelf storage, but a towel rack, too—making it ideal for the small bathroom.  Crafted of solid brass, it comes in standard or premium hand-polished finishes.

    Photo: kitchensource.com

  • Ceiling Light


    If your bathroom is small and dated, dress it up with a new ceiling mounted light fixture.  The enhanced overhead illumination will make even a small bathroom appear larger. The Newbury, shown here from School House Electric, features colorful stripes to complement any design.

    Photo: schoolhouselectric.com

  • Storage Cubes


    These steel cubes are Italian-designed and feature a rust-resistant, galvanized finish, making them ideal for use in humid environments like bathrooms. Mount them on the wall, as shown, or stack them to create a free-standing storage solution for a small bathroom.

    Photo: containerstore.com

  • Wall Cabinets


    Bathrooms require cabinets that are compact, like this glass-fronted wall cabinet from Elegant Home Fashions’ Madison Avenue collection.  At only 7″ deep it is the perfect wall-mounted cabinet for the small bathroom.

    Photo:  bellacor.com

  • Shelf Units


    The Rönnskär shelf unit from Ikea takes up very little floor space, making it perfect for the small bathroom. Designed for corners, this shelf makes the most of an often wasted space. Fill the shelves with towels, bathroom essentials and decorative storage baskets.

    Photo: ikea.com

  • Glass Shower Doors


    Replacing a shower curtain with sliding glass doors will help make a small bathroom look bigger. Kohler’s Fluence frameless sliding shower door features 1/4-inch-thick glass and a center guide system for smooth, quiet sliding action.

    Photo: ohashidesign.com

  • Fresh Paint


    As you know, a coat of paint can transform a room—and can even make it appear larger. While you shouldn’t be afraid to try dark hues, consider painting your bathroom a light, neutral color, especially if it lacks natural daylight. Lighter shades will make a small bathroom appear more spacious, and brighten things up a bit.

    Photo: designcube.ca

  • Shower Caddies


    There may be a lot of space going to waste in your shower. Installing floating shelves or recessed storage is one idea for the handy DIYer, but a simple over the shower rack works well, too. This simplehuman stainless steel shower caddy is designed to be more stable than wire models.

    Photo: bedbathandbeyond.com

  • Over the Door Storage


    If there’s no room in the bathroom for a storage console or shelving unit, store your essentials on the door. This Wildon Home Lynbar over the door basket storage rack is made of woven rattan and a black metal frame that fits over most doors. It is the perfect stylish solution for storing towels or toiletries.

    Photo: wayfair.com

  • Medicine Cabinets


    When it comes to saving space, medicine cabinets are a no-brainer. If you live in an older space, yours might be on the small side. Boost your storage with a framed lit medicine cabinet from Restoration Hardware. An interior double plug can accommodate electrical devices and the tempered glass shelves are adjustable.

    Photo: restorationhardware.com

  • Floating Shelves


    When space is at a premium, maximize your usable space by placing shelves in between the sink or toilet and the wall. Of course you’ll want to measure the space before purchasing your shelves and place them in an area you’ll be able to access with a drill or screwdriver. The Ikea Ekby Tony shelf is an affordable option if you’re opting for a tiered look.

    Photo: hgtv.com

  • Striped Wallpaper


    Have you heard that wearing stripes can make you look taller? The same is true of rooms. A wide-striped wallpaper gives the illusion of a taller space. Avoid thin stripes or busy patterns, as these can make a room feel smaller. Graham & Brown offers wide stripes in nearly every color, like its icy blue Imperial.

    Photo: bhg.com


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