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When to Have Air Duct Cleaning

January 17, 2014

Air Duct CleaningAir duct cleaning is essential to keeping your heating and air conditioning system operating at optimal efficiency, but when exactly is the best time to schedule an air duct cleaning? Think about the following questions:

    • Does anyone in your household suffer from allergies or asthma?
      Your air ducts are filled with pollutants – including dust and pollen! When your air ducts are not cleaned, these pollutants pile up and affect the air you breathe. Duct cleaning can reduce these pollutants so your family isn’t breathing them in.
    • Do you find your home is excessively dusty?
      If your home is extremely dusty, this may suggest there is a lot of dust that has accumulated in your air ducts.


    • When was the last time your ducts were professionally cleaned?
      If your air ducts have not been cleaned within the past year, then it may be time to schedule your next air duct cleaning now. The EPA suggests you clean your air ducts on an annual basis.


    • Did you recently purchase your home?
      If your home was recently built, there may be extra dust floating around your ducts due to new construction. If your home was previously owned, your air ducts may not have been cleaned for a while. Either way, it’s always a good idea to start fresh in your new home with a proper duct cleaning.


    • Has your home recently undergone any renovation or remodeling?
      Any new construction may cause dust to accumulate in your air ducts, reducing your indoor air quality. You don’t want your family breathing in particles of construction materials – that wouldn’t be healthy at all – so be sure to have duct cleaning after any renovation or remodeling.


    • Do your furnace and/or air conditioning system seem to be working properly?
      If your HVAC system seems to be running less efficiently, it may be due to pollutants blocking the pathway in your air ducts, preventing air from flowing through as easily. You might think your equipment is broken, when all you really need is a good duct cleaning!


  • Do you plan on updating you HVAC system soon?
    Professional air duct cleaning is always recommended before replacing your furnace or air conditioning systems. Today, new furnaces and air conditioning systems are much more powerful, so they could force all the dirt and dust on the walls of your air ducts right into your home – and you certainly don’t want that to happen!

If you are still unsure whether you need to get your air ducts cleaned, call us today (888) 884-4122 and we’ll help you determine the best time to schedule your next air duct cleaning.  We’ll help to ensure your family isn’t breathing in any harmful dust or debris so you’ll feel confident your home is a safe, healthy place.

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