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Three New Energy Efficient Heating Technologies Are Available Today

November 29, 2013

new heating technologiesAn energy efficient heating system should be part of every home. Any house from newly built to one built 200 years ago should have a comfortable interior all winter long. Technology is available to provide a heating system in any size structure with or without the use of a ducting system. Eco-friendly homeowners can take advantage of systems that heat the home while keeping bills low.

Green power has come to the forefront of many industries. The heating system industry is one of them. Some of these systems include:

Solar powered split ductless systems. These units heat or cool individual rooms without the need for air ducts or vents cut into the walls. Each occupant can have his or her individual room temperature. In the event the grid goes down, you will still have a comfortable living environment.

Solar/grid hybrid systems. These report savings on the utility bill of up to 60 percent. This amount is affected by the home’s insulation, windows, doors, weather stripping and overall energy usage.

Geothermal and air heat pumps. All year long, the air and ground have an amount of heat. In the winter, the system transfers heat to the inside of the house; this is reversed in the summer.

Heat recovery systems. Part of the heat transferred inside or outside of the house is sent to the water heater. You get a warm house and hot water at the same time, with no additional energy usage.

All over the country, it will pay to invest in the highest quality unit you can afford. Instead of looking at the initial price tag, pay attention to how much energy the unit will use. The energy efficiency rating should be the highest you can for the model/type you choose. Many units also have the Energy Star certification. These models can qualify for tax incentives and rebates. Combined with the energy savings, this will help offset the cost of the unit, the installation, the maintenance and operation.

Incentives may be available for those needing an energy efficient HVAC system. For example, in San Antonio, and Bexar County, TX, utility companies have teamed with governmental agencies to offer special incentive grants for qualifying homeowners. These grants will help homeowners purchase insulation, energy efficient HVAC systems, efficient appliances and other items to help bring the house to an energy efficient standard. This helps reduce the demand on the grid, reduce the amount of carbon in the air and helps the planet.

An energy audit is the best way to begin reducing the utility bill. An HVAC technician will evaluate the house, insulation, current appliances and more. He or she will advise the homeowner about which products will help reduce energy use the best. Local companies know the climate and types of housing in the area. Homeowners can invest in these items as funds permit. As the energy savings grow, more can be invested in the house. The savings will pay for the audit and any items over time.

For those with homes under new construction, an HVAC technician can design, install and maintain the latest energy saving technology for the highest comfort and lowest utility bills.

Source: The author of this article has over 40 years of experience in diverse subjects and skills such as DIY, home improvement and repair, crafting, designing, and building furniture, outdoor projects, RV’ing and more.

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