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New Heating Technologies that Save Money

December 6, 2013

Fall & Winter Heating Tips for Massachusettes ResidentsMany homes across America have old, outdated heating systems. Some of the new technologies are quite interesting.

Split Ductless Systems

In a split ductless system, no air ducts are needed. This is perfect for older, vintage and heritage homes. In one-room weekend cabins, they are perfect. An indoor unit is mounted on the wall. A single hole is drilled to the outside to allow the drainage and refrigerant lines to pass through. Outside, the condenser unit rests on a slab or stand.

The benefit is heating and cooling a single occupied room at a time. They have high SEER, or energy ratings. You want the highest rating you can find. They are available with SEER ratings up to 28. They have three different power systems:

  • · Solar powered units are available on the market. In the event of a power failure, they will continue to keep you warm. This could be a lifesaving decision.
  • · Solar/grid hybrid
  • · Grid-powered units.

Residential Zoning

Residential zoning is a way to reduce the area your current or new system has to heat at any given time. If everyone is at school or work, special dampers installed in the air ducting system will close and allow heat only to the rooms designated by the user. This reduces the amount of energy used, which results in lower bills.

One advantage is that the system can be installed with the existing heating system. By placing the energy savings in a saving account, the system will pay for itself and could earn enough money to invest in a higher efficiency heating system.

Home Automation

Home automation is a wonderful way to manage the entire home. A master control unit controls everything from doors and curtains to entertainment and security systems. Your kitchen appliances, door locks and more are managed by the system. During the day, the unit will open or close curtains to take advantage of the sun’s heat gain through the windows.

The homeowner can unlock the door to allow someone to enter for feeding the pets or let themselves in if the keys are locked inside. Turn on the oven from work so that you can come home to a hot meal.

The system will turn on inside and outside lights, turn on the oven and the entertainment center so that it will appear someone is home. This can deter thieves.

High Efficiency Furnaces

New furnaces on the market have higher efficiency ratings than those manufactured ten or twenty years ago. Look for the highest AFUE rating you can afford. Factor in energy savings when deciding to make your purchase. Some units carry ratings of up to 96%. This means that 96% of the fuel used to create heat is used. Some units have variable speed vans; this saves even more money for the homeowner.

Most HVAC companies have high efficiency furnaces and HVAC systems in stock. It will pay to shop between different providers to find the right price for your budget.

Solar Powered Wall and Floor Heating Systems

Solar powered walls create a space against a sun-drenched wall. The heated air is moved into the building via air ducts containing fans. It is advantageous that these systems can be installed in residences and businesses alike. During the summer, the system can be used to remove heat from the building and vent the heated space to help the cooling system save energy as well.

There are solar powered interior wall panels that allow heated fluid to pass through much the same as a regular radiator. The heat transfers from the fluid into the room. Floor systems are also being developed. The fluid is heated in a system mounted on the roof or a sunny wall.

Energy Star certified products may also qualify for tax incentives and rebates. In addition, some power companies have partnered with the Department of Energy to offer grants for qualifying homeowners in order to make older homes more energy efficient. This saves money on utility bills, reduces strain on the grid and helps the environment.

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