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Is Your Furnace Giving You the Heat You’re Paying For?

February 21, 2014

Lexington boiler re-pipingWith the cold temperatures we’re all enduring this winter, you probably know by now whether or not your heating system is up to the task.

If it’s struggling to keep your home warm, an inspection by a trained professional can help you determine if a cleaning and tune-up can help, or if it’s time to consider installing a new energy-efficient heating system.

Heating your home during a typical New England winter can be expensive, taking a big chunk out of the household budget. Nearly 50 percent of energy used in an average home during the winter is for heat. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your heating system is turning fuel into heat efficiently.

Older systems may be as low as 50 percent efficient, turning only half the fuel into heat for your home. Today’s most efficient models can turn nearly 100 percent of fuel into heat, resulting in significant energy and cost savings every month during the heating season.

Of course how much you can save with a new, efficient heating system is just part of the equation. There is also the cost of installing a new heating system and that’s where NSTAR can help. There are rebates available through NSTAR and Mass Save for qualified energy-efficient home heating improvements.

Through the Mass Save Residential HEAT Loan program, residential customers opting to upgrade their heating systems can apply for zero-percent interest loans up to $25,000 with terms up to seven years. The zero-percent loan can also help when installing several other qualified energy-efficient improvements in homes or rental properties.

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