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Efficient Shower Fixtures

December 12, 2016

Showering is one of the largest uses of water in U.S. homes; in fact, according the the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, it accounts for almost 17% of residential indoor water use. Specialty shower fixtures designed to reduce water and energy use without impacting your shower experience can save several gallons of water from every shower.

Save Money, Energy and Water with Efficient Shower Fixtures

Several innovations in shower fixtures provide water, energy and money savings without changing your shower habits. This is great news because when you reduce the amount of water used for showering, you also reduce the energy needed to heat the water. The two primary innovations are integrated thermostatic shut-off valves and efficient showerheads.

Thermostatic shut-off valves (TSV) are either integrated in new showerheads or showerhead adapters that you can use with your existing showerhead. The valve is triggered by water temperature. Consider this:

The average U.S. family uses 40 gallons of water for showering each day. If you are in the habit of turning the water on to warm up before you get in the shower, some of this water goes straight down the drain. Most people use this time to do something else – make the bed, brush their teeth, start the coffee – which means the shower may be ready before you are.

The TSV senses when the water is up to temperature and then slows the water flow to a trickle. When you are ready to get in the shower, you pull a cord attached to the valve and full water flow resumes.

Efficient showerheads are designed to reduce water and energy consumption by regulating flow rate. A standard showerhead has a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute. Efficient showerheads have a flow rate of two gallons per minute or less, saving you a half gallon or more of hot water for every minute you’re in the shower. Several features help these showerheads provide a great feeling shower while saving water and energy.

  • Pressure compensating technology allows the showerhead to deliver a comfortable water stream in homes with both high and low water pressure.
  • The reduced showerhead size provides comfortable spray force and coverage while using less water.

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