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Types of Hydronic Heating Available

January 29, 2016


Here at Jim Lavallee Plumbing and Heating we specialize in hydronic heating. We’ve told you what it’s about, now let’s see what you have for options.

  • Baseboard. This popular hydronic system is frequently referred to as “hot water baseboard.” The painted steel housing on the baseboard unit hides a hot water pipe surrounded by metal fins that help radiate the heat.
  • Hydronic radiant floor. This heating system uses the entire finished floor as a giant radiator. Hot water is pumped through plastic tubing installed beneath the finished floor surface. A hydronic radiant floor can be installed beneath tile or wood; it can also be embedded in a poured concrete slab. It’s not a wise choice beneath wall-to-wall carpet because the carpet doesn’t conduct heat very well. Hydronic radiant floor heat is difficult and costly to retrofit. The best (most affordable) retrofit situation is when tubing can be stapled to the underside of the subflooring from an unfinished basement.
  • Hydro-air heating. This heating system requires ductwork and at least one air handler. Hot water is pumped to a heat exchanger located in each air handler to warm air before it’s distributed throughout the house. Hydro-air systems are usually more affordable than hydronic radiant floor heating, and they offer the advantage of a ductwork system that can also be used for air conditioning.

Contact us and we’ll help you decide what heating system works best for your home and budget.

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