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Tips for Preventing Clogging Your Sink Drain

June 24, 2015

Your sink drain is one probably taken a bit for granted. Disposing of unwanted food waste fast making cleaning up your kitchen easy. However, you do need to take certain steps to ensure your sink drain continues to run smoothly. Check out the video below for some great tips for drain clogging prevention. Easy steps you take now can prevent you from having to call us.

Remember to check to be sure the sink has no solids after you wash your dishes. If left sitting, your drain can clog. Be sure to throw unwanted leftovers in the trash. Coffee grounds – toss these in the trash! Why? They can build up over time and create a clog only a professional plumber can remove. And never, ever put grease down the sink. Toss it in a container and throw it out. Otherwise the grease will eat away at your pipes.


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