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The Modern Bathroom: Luxurious, Stylish and Safe

August 4, 2014

bathroom3Bathroom design has improved dramatically in the past few decades. Adding to the basic necessities of sink, toilet and tub are a wide range of products that are both functional and appealing. Advances in technology and product design have increased safety, as well as raised bathroom design standards. Among my favorite improvements are upgrades in the categories of lighting, bathroom fixtures and radiant heat.

Dimmers, night lights and even chandeliers can be found in baths today, enhancing both beauty and safety. LED bulbs that use less power and provide brighter light are now an affordable option for use in the bath, as well as throughout the home. One of the most interesting bathroom lighting innovations is the night light toilet seat. Since the toilet is often in a separate room within the bathroom, a night light in the toilet seat is a creative solution for a room that usually lacks an outlet for a traditional night light.

Designer grab bars have increased safety in the bath for all ages, without compromising style. There are shower controls on the market with programmable presets for temperature and flow. There’s even an optional remote control, so you can turn on the shower while you’re getting out of bed. The no touch flush toilet is an innovation that’s designed to help stop the spread of germs in the bathroom. Waving a hand over the tank flushes the toilet.

bathroom1While all of these technological improvements in the bath are praiseworthy, it’s radiant heat that is the most significant development in the evolution of bathroom design. Radiant heat eliminates the need for a space heater in the bath, which many people still use in cold weather. Space heaters can pose a fire hazard and their electrical cords can be easily tripped over. Radiant heat provides a wonderful and safe alternative. Radiant heat is a solution to cold tile bathroom floors, too. No need for slippers in the bathroom when the tile is warm on even the coldest days. Style, function and safety have finally merged in the bath to provide a retreat worthy of the finest spa.


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