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Save your boiler, take it easy on the thermostat

December 2, 2015

digital-thermostatDuring a sudden period of cold weather it is tempting to turn up the room thermostats. This can be a mistake because it is unlikely to be the boiler and system temperature that is at the root of the problem. In general it will take longer for the house to warm up if it has to start from a lower temperature.

One way around this problem is to adjust the programmer to make it turn the heating on at an earlier time.

It is also possible to fit weather compensators to your heating system. These work by monitoring heart loss from the building and the external temperatures and then instruct the boiler to generate heat to compensate. This provides a much earlier response to changing temperatures and helps to keep a more stable internal environment.

By keeping a consistent temperature within the home, the boiler does not have to respond to undesirable peaks and troughs in room temperatures and consequently utilizes gas more efficiently.

Many new boilers on the market today are fitted with weather compensators. However, the devices can readily be purchased and easily installed where older boilers are still being used.

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