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Radiant Heating – the Healthy, Efficient Solution

October 20, 2014

As we get further into the fall and winter heating season, the advantages of radiant heating become a reality for many people. Most of America lives in homes heated with forced hot air heat. While this is the easiest heating system for a builder to install, it also is one of the least comfortable. Forced hot air heating produces extremely dry air, which some systems try to remedy with an in-line humidifier. In addition to the noise and drafts, forced hot air systems also create more dust in the house. Finally forced air systems send hot air to the home that quickly rises to the ceiling, requiring that the entire room be kept at a high temperature for the room to feel comfortable.

Radiant heating systems eliminate all of the problems listed above, which is one of the Radiant Flooringreasons they are gaining in popularity.   Radiant heating uses a boiler to heat hot water that is then circulated through the home, heating as it goes.  Many people think of radiant heating as the traditional cast-iron or baseboard radiators. However, today the fastest growing form of radiant heating is radiant flooring. These systems are invisible once installed and can be added to existing homes by attaching the heating tubes to the underside of the flooring.

Radiant heating eliminates the noise, dust, and drying effect of the forced air systems, immediately making the home feel more comfortable. And because the radiant heat transfers heat to people and items in the room, rather than the air, it is much more energy efficiPRestige Boilerent.

The heart of a radiant heating system is the boiler. Triangle Tube’s Prestige boiler is designed to provide the heat in a radiant heating system with maximum efficiency.   The Prestige boiler uses a condensing heat exchanger to maximize the heat recovered from the fuel to achieve an AFUE of 95%. In addition the advanced control of the Prestige modulates the firing rate to meet the heating needs, and uses outdoor reset to align the heating system temperature with the outdoor temperature, eliminating waste. In addition, the Prestige boiler can be used to heat domestic hot water by pairing it with the Smart indirect fired water heaters.

Whether you are considering a renovation or new home construction, you should consider radiant heat. The small investment up front will pay dividends with a healthy, efficient heating system.

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