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Radiant Heat verses Forced Air

December 30, 2014

Why is radiant heat better than forced air heat?

It is more comfortable, more energy efficient, provides a healthier environment and is more aesthetically pleasing. Why?

Radiant Means Comfort

Comfort is hard to define and is best understood as the absence of discomfort. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about radiant heat is what you won’t notice. There are no forced air registers to see. No noise or dust from mechanical blowers. No hot air blowing on you. No hot air collecting at the ceiling, wasting energy. No cold floors to chill your feet. The mild warmth of a radiant floor is a subtle experience and always feels just right.

Radiant Heat Saves Energy

A typical radiant heated home in the United States can expect a 25%* energy savings over a conventional forced air home. This 25% savings can be attributed to a number of factors including parasitic losses, lower ceiling temperatures, the ability to zone the home, and others detailed here.
* 1998 study by Kansas State University and the American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers [ASHRAE]

Radiant Heat is Healthy Heat

Forced air systems not only blow hot air, they also push allergens, dust and other airborne particles to every room in your home. Improved indoor air quality can reduce allergies, medical bills, incidences of asthma and more. European studies indicate that dust mite populations are reduced as much as 90% in radiant heated homes. And a quiet, peaceful environment, devoid of noisy fans and blowers, is a healthier and more relaxing environment too.

Radiant Heat Allows Design Freedom

Architects have complete liberty with design because there are no floor registers, no baseboard radiators, and no wall or ceiling chases. Furniture can be placed anywhere without regard to registers or vents. And rooms with high, open ceilings and/or floor-to-ceiling windows can be heated simply and efficiently. Mechanical systems for radiant floor heating can also be effortlessly designed because of the ability to easily interface with solar, geothermal and cogeneration fuel cells.

Forced air will heat your home, but radiant heating does it better because of the many reasons discussed above.

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