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Prestige Excellence Boiler Cuts Fuel Bill 58%

December 15, 2014

When it was time for J. Bayer to replace his boiler, he researched the market and decided to replace both his boiler and his water heater.  He chose Triangle Tube’s Prestige Excellence, a unique combination boiler and water heater.  While he expected positive results, when the fuel bills came in, even he was surprised.Mr. and Mrs. Bayer chose the Prestige Excellence for several reasons.  They were impressed by the functionality and energy efficiency of the unique Prestige Heat Exchanger with an AFUE of 95%.  The low pressure drop of the condensing heat exchanger also ensures that the pump’s electrical usage would be low.  The modulating control and outdoor reset maintain the optimal settings to ensure both warmth and low fuel consumption.

Prestige Excellence Combination BoilerThey were also struck by the fact that the boiler and water heater were combined in one, low maintenance product.  While other combination boilers can provide hot water on demand, the Prestige Excellence’s integral storage tank differentiates it from the competition.  The 14 gallon tank-in-tank water heater provides truly instantaneous hot water while the tank-in-tank design quickly generates new hot water, providing up to 180 gallons of hot water per hour.

The numbers truly are impressive.  The Bayers experienced a 58% reduction in their natural gas bills, providing a quick return on their investment.  In these days of volatile prices, now is the time to invest in the fuel efficiency of the Triangle Tube line of boilers and water heaters.

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