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Outdoor Reset Maximizes Spring Energy Savings

March 20, 2015

2014 was another record year for high efficiency boiler sales.  If you have made this investment, now is the time to make sure that it is operating at peak efficiency.  One of the key features of high efficiency boilers is the Outdoor Reset feature.Outdoor reset simply matches the boiler system temperature with the outdoor temperature.  In a boiler system, the hotter the water supplied by the boiler, the more heat that the radiant heaters can supply to the home.  However, boiler system efficiency decreases as the water supply temperature increases.  Therefore, to maximize the system efficiency, you want the boiler to supply water at the lowest possible temperature.

Outdoor reset allows the boiler to maintain a lower supply temperature as the outdoor Boiler Efficiency Graphtemperature increases.  This increases the boiler’s efficiency while still maintaining the warmth in the home.

Modern high efficiency boilers, such as Triangle Tube’s Prestige or Challenger boilers use outdoor reset to maximize their efficiency.  These boilers are supplied with an outdoor temperature sensor that can be easily installed on an exterior wall.  This sensor is then connected to the boiler controller.  The boiler is then programmed to vary the boiler supply temperature with the outside temperature.

Challenger Combination BoilerSpring is the season where outdoor reset really pays off.  As the temperature outside rises, you can rest assured that your Prestige or Challenger boiler is running more efficiently than ever.

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