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Natural Gas Boiler Upgrade Saves St. John Church nearly 50%

October 27, 2014

Triangle Tube’s Prestige boilers are used extensively in residential installations.  But the benefits of upgrading to a modern, fuel efficient boiler are not limited to homeowners.  Significant opportunities for energy savings exist in light commercial buildings such as churches, schools, offices, and apartments.St. John Church and SchoolSt. John Church and School in Aurora Indiana had the opportunity to replace its 50 plus year old boiler and chose the energy efficient combination of Triangle Tube’s Prestige Solo 399 boilers and a Smart 40 water heater.  The church and school was able to use most of their existing piping even as the new wall-mounted Prestige boilers freed up significant floor space in the boiler room.

The radiant heating system was designed to maximize the condensing efficiency of the Prestige boilers.  One new Smart indirect fired water heater replaced two electric water Prestige Boilerheaters, improving efficiency and reliability.

Through the replacement of the boiler the church was able to save over $6500 in heating costs.  And they are not finished yet.  Paul Kuhlmeier, the heating specialist at St. John plans to replace the existing thermostats with more advanced programmable versions for further savings.

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