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Late Autumn To Do List

October 23, 2015

To do list

• Next week we will be into the darker evenings, so close your curtains when your lights are turned on to prevent opportunist burglars surveying your house contents.

• Don’t forget to include a suitable inhibitor if you top up your central heating system. Consult your boiler handbook for instructions.

• Ensure that you keep torches, a portable gas stove, matches and tinned foods to see you through an unexpected interruption to your energy supply.

• Wearing an extra layer of clothing and turning your heating thermostat down by a couple of degrees will reduce your energy bill.

• Check that your energy provider is supplying you with their best energy deal for your circumstances.

• Keep our number handy in case of a heating or boiler breakdown emergency.  (888) 884-4122

Contact us and we’ll help you decide what heating system works best for your home and budget.

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