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Indirect Water Heaters combine efficiency with long life

January 21, 2015

Triangle Tube’sSmart Indirect Water Heaters feature a unique tank-in-tank design that not only improves the recovery rate but also ensures that the water heater performs at higher levels of efficiency as the years add up.  The tank-in-tank design surrounds the domestic water with high temperature boiler water, maximizing the surface area that is available to transfer heat the to domestic water.  Other indirect water heaters pass hot boiler water through a coil in the tank, which limits the surface area.Smart Indirect Water Heater

This coil also is a hot spot in the tank, which encourages scale to form.  Over time, the scale collects on the coil, insulating the coil, limiting the heat transfer and increasing the time required to heat the domestic water.  This scale can collect and eventually cause the coil to fail.

The tank-in-tank design eliminates the hot spots since the entire tank is heated at the same rate.  Any scale that may form is freed from the walls of the tank during the normal heating process of the hot water, ensuring that the heat transfer rate stays at the same high level over time.

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