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Hydronic Heating System Installation – Why experience matters

November 5, 2014

In today’s do-it-yourself society it can be tempting to overlook the value of experience.  We have all taken on jobs that could have been done in half the time by someone with experience.   This can be accepted when replacing your front garden since you gain the benefit of exercise, fresh air, and the satisfaction of a job well done.  However, when it comes to boiler replacement, an improperly installed boiler could not only be inefficient, it could be a safety hazard.  Therefore it is always best to work with an experienced contractor.

Optima Zone Control PanelTo get the most from your hydronic heating system, it is critical to have it properly designed.  Today’s heating systems utilize multiple zones which sometimes operate at different temperatures. For instance, radiant floor zones will operate at a lower temperature than baseboard or conventional radiators.  An experienced contractor can utilize hydronic controls to ensure each zone receives the heat required.  An indirect water heater will operate on its own high temperature zone. Properly designing and installing these systems will not only ensure the maximum system efficiency, but it will also prevent potential damage.

Triangle Tube’s Prestige boiler is engineered to deliver efficient and reliable comfort. To achieve this, the Prestige uses features such as Outdoor Reset and Modulation.  An experienced contractor will understand how to program the boiler to use these features and delivered the expected performance. Triangle Tube’s Smart indirect fired water heaters will provide plentiful hot water when properly installed.

Triangle Tube provides certification training to hundreds of contractors each year. This training provides them with tools to evaluate your hydronic system and install Triangle Tube products quickly and efficiently.  Experience counts.  Jim Lavallee Plumbing & Heating is your certified Triangle Tube Installer. Contact us today!

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