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Hydronic Heating Benefits

February 20, 2015


Hydronic Heating: the smart choice

Hydronic heating is estimated to be up to 35% more cost-effective than running central ducted heating, which has an immediate impact on your energy bills.

Hydronic heating systems also reduce your carbon footprint, and offer silent ( no noisy fans ), efficient style heating for your home or office space.

Jim Lavallee Plumbing & Heating provides a wide range of specialist energy-efficient boilers and products. The condensing boilers have extremely low NOx and CO2 emissions and have constant temperature monitoring for highest possible operating efficiency.

Hydronic heating has the rare ability to create a constant temperature distribution throughout the home. No flames no fumes. Hydronic heating allows you more flexible and economical room-by-room control of heating, (this can also be very important in those homes with sensitive and hi-tech electronics, antiques and artifacts). Similar to the rays of the sun, it’s radiant heat warms objects rather than air by natural convection and radiation. It doesn’t dry out the air, gives uniform temperatures throughout your home, letting you live like it’s summer all year round.

Maximum Efficiency & Cost Savings

The ability to heat certain areas of your home, and decide how warm you want them, also means you have the ability to reduce your heating running costs, and your carbon footprint. Simply adding a heating controller to a new or existing boiler can improve the running costs of your heating system.

Maintenance is seldom required with a hydronic heating system as most of the working parts are in the hot water boiler. High quality manufacturing with long term warranties ensure your hydronic system will outlast gas ducted systems.

Jim Lavallee Plumbing & Heating  recommends your system should have a maintenance check approximately every 1-3 years to ensure longevity and optimum performance.

Allergy Free Heating Hydronic heating is silent, allergy free environmentally friendly heating. Gas Ducted Central Heating uses noisy fans circulating on and off and ducts to push heat into a room. The ducts can be a major breeding ground from which dust mites, allergens and bacteria are then circulated around the house contaminating the air which your family breathes. With many Americans affected by asthma Hydronic Heating has long been the preferred choice for home owners, consultants and engineers for heating in the health industry.

Make your home a healthier one and let your family breathe easy with a Hunt hydronic central heating system.

Hydronic Towel Rails

As well as being a luxurious add-on to your bathroom, heated towel rails ensure towels stay dryer, meaning they are more hygienic for longer, and washing and drying is reduced, which has a positive impact on our environment.

Stylish, Safe and Comfortable

It’s not until you experience the constant warmth and comfortable heat of a hydronic heating system, free from cold droughts and noisy fans, that you can say this form of central heating, whether it’s a panel radiator system or a floor heating system, is far superior to any other form of heating out there on the market – it’s quite simply the “ultimate” heating.

At Jim Lavallee Plumbing & Heating we are passionate about hydronic heating that is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, and we are happy to discuss the best and most appropriate system for your space.

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