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How to unblock sinks and toilets

December 21, 2015

PlungerWater should drain freely from sinks and baths, etc. If the flow is slow, it indicates there might be a blockage.

A plunger is the easiest and quickest method of clearing blockages. Fill the sink with enough water that the rubber cap on the plunger is submerged. Block the overflow with a wet cloth, push the plunger down hard and draw it up quickly. Repeat the operation several times until the water drains away quickly.

If the toilet is blocked, you will need to use a large plunger. Hold it so that the rubber end covers the waste outlet at the base of the pan, and pump several times. If that doesn’t work, try hiring a large drain auger to reach further along the pipe-work.

If the blockage is too difficult to deal with or you would sooner let someone else undertake the task.

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