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How Do On Demand/Tankless Water Heaters Work?

July 8, 2015

AFTER - On-Demand Water Heater – Westborough, MAWe are talking about one of the most used home appliances today. Tankless Water heaters supply hot water, always. This means you never have to worry about enough hot water available after your four family members showered before you! Home owners in the Eastern Mass. area have options. Let’s talk about tankless water heaters.

Also referred to as ‘on demand’, tankless water heaters work with your homes plumbing the same way the traditional tank water heaters do. However, there is no reason for your heating system to keep a tank of water continuously hot, which cost money and energy. Instead, you get a more efficient water heating system and your energy consumption is drastically reduced.

Using electric or gas to power the tankless water heater, the heat exchanger is activated when you turn your faucet on. This exchanger heats up the water rapidly removing the need to store water in and keeping it heated. Since there is no tank, the tankless water heater can be installed in smaller places. Utility closets, walls, under cabinets, you name it. This is especially helpful in older homes with smaller rooms.

Tankless water heaters come in two types; Whole House and Point Of Use. The Point of use only heats a few outlets where as the whole house heats all water outlets. Point of use are very small so they can be installed very close to their water outlets to maximize efficiency. They usually are electric powered. Whole house tankless water heaters are larger and require additional space. These can be fueled by propane or natural gas.

Tankless water heaters are great for dramatically reducing the cost of your home heating bills as they require less fuel than the tank water heaters. They supply endless amount of hot water instantaneously and last many more years than traditional water heaters.

Is a tankless water heater right for you? Call us and find out. We’re happy to give you an estimate of cost and what you’ll save in the years to come!

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