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Home DIY Safety precautions

November 18, 2015

DIYKeeping you and your household safe.

When carrying out DIY work at home it is all to easy to become over confident, especially when you’ve been carrying out basic repairs and maintenance for some years.

However, such over confidence in ability, combined with a lack of knowledge and pre-planning are major contributors to DIY accidents in the US, often causing serious injury and occasionally death.

To avoid mishaps and other unpleasant experiences consider the following suggestions.

Be realistic and don’t tackle a job unless you really have the ability. A competent, qualified person should always carry out gas and electrical renewal or repair work.

Keep all tools clean and in good repair, and give each one a quick check over before you use it.

Always plan ahead, accidents happen more easily if you are unprepared and rush.

Wear appropriate protective clothing, sturdy shoes and any recommended safety equipment.

Stop and disconnect all electrical appliances and tools before working on them or on areas served by them

Ensure that all tools, paint and chemicals are kept safely out of the reach of children.

Take extra care with bladed and sharp cutting tools.

Follow makers’ instructions very carefully when using adhesives, especially the instant type.

Use an RCD (Residual Current Device) if your home is not already wired as standard.

Keep children and pets away when carrying out DIY.

Keep all paints, strippers and other chemical products in their original containers.

DIY work should be fun and rewarding. Taking the necessary safety precautions will help to ensure that any potential hazards are carefully addressed and minimised.

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