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High Efficiency Boiler Trio – Challenger and Prestige and Prestige Excellence expand options

December 3, 2014

Triangle Tube is proud to announce the availability of the new Challenger Combination Boiler.  This boiler joins the industry leading Prestige boiler and the Prestige Excellence to provide a powerful lineup to meet residential and commercial hydronic heating and hot water needs.
Challenger Combination Boiler
The Challenger features a unique copper and aluminum heat exchanger that heats both the space heating system water and the domestic hot water within the one heat exchanger.  The copper waterways are overmolded with aluminum to provide an efficient heat exchanger, eliminating hot spots and maximizing the condensing efficiency.  The Challenger is the only Combination Boiler that is certified as both a boiler and a heat exchanger.  In addition the Challenger is unique because it condenses in both space heating and domestic hot water modes.  The Challenger is available wPrestige High Efficiency Condensing Boilerith inputs of 84, 106, and 124 MBH.Triangle Tube’s industry leading Prestige condensing boiler features a stainless steel fire tube heat exchanger that provides an industry-low pressure drop.  This minimizes pump electric consumption and allows the Prestige to be used in reverse-return installations.  The Prestige is available with inputs from 60 to 399 MBH.  The Prestige 110 MBH size is pre-piped for use with an indirect fired water heater such as Triangle Tube’s Smart models.
Prestige Excellence Boiler & Water Heater
The Prestige Excellence is a truly unique boiler and water heater combination.  Unlike a Combi boiler such as the Challenger that will provide domestic hot water on demand, the Prestige Excellence includes an integrated tank-in-tank water heater with 14 gallons of stored domestic hot water.  This provides the instant hot water response that homeowners have come to expect from a typical hot water storage tank, along with the compact size and energy efficiency of a combi boiler or instantaneous water heater.

The Challenger, Prestige, and Prestige Excellence are efficiency leaders with AFUEs of 95% and above.  All models use natural gas or propane and feature green emissions that meet California’s SCAQMD requirements for Low NOx emissions.  All models use modern controls, outdoor reset, and modulation to maximize efficiency.

Triangle Tube’s Challenger, Prestige, and Prestige Excellence boilers provide a wide selection of solutions to today’s needs for high efficiency boilers.

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