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Common Problems of Drain Cleaning

March 12, 2015

Clogged Drain Tips

A clogged drain is a common occurrence that can happen to anyone. A slow-moving sink or a congested bathtub can soon become an extremely irritating obstacle for the whole family. Many drain cleaners often appear to simplify the process with a simple chemical gel, however, if certain precautions are not taken before attempting to clean your own drain, costly damages can often become a result of poor ignorance. Despite the severity of the cloggage, the following problems and precautions are important to be aware of:

Chemical Damage

As helpful as some liquid cleaners can be, these cleaners most often contain harmful chemicals that only apply to the most simple of drain blockages. Many times in an act of desperation, people will use an excess of amount of cleaner to unclog a stubborn drain. Not only is this dangerous, but can be damaging to your surrounding areas. Some cleaners contain chemicals that can damage porcelain, stainless steel, or aluminum appliances. A chemical reaction with an already already corroded pipe can easily lead to costly repairs and further damages. It is always important to use the least amount of liquid possible and only pour directly inside the drain.

Mechanical Damage

Aside from chemical damage, lack of proper training and needed tools can often cause many problems. Understanding the layout of your plumbing and knowing the precautions of each tool is an important step before attempting to clear a drain. Tools can be broken and pipes can become severely worn down due to a lack of tool knowledge. With the increasing popularity of “Do it Yourself” projects on the internet, often times a lot of incorrect information can be passed around and even modified to become more incorrect and dangerous. Many techniques that seem to “work” can often be causing deeper and unknown damages for the future.

Toxic Fumes

Liquid gel cleaners containing harmful chemicals can often lead to the release of toxic gases and vapors. Never resort to combining multiple cleaners as certain chemicals combined can cause very dangerous gases and possibly even erupt preventing any chance of further cleaning. Always be sure to use drain cleaner in well ventilated areas and always keep curious toddlers and pets away from the area. Never second guess yourself in taking extra precaution to blocking the area from your children and pets. Even the smallest amount of chemical cleaner can cause death to family pets. As a general rule-of-thumb try to avoid chemicals at all costs.

A pesky drain can soon turn into a costly problem if proper steps are not taken. Rest assured here at Jim Lavallee Plumbing & Heating, we offer only the safest and affordable techniques to solve your plumbing problems. Rather than risk causing further damages and possible harm to those living in your household, feel free to give us a call so we can further assess the situation.


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