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Commercial Water Heater Rebates

December 28, 2015


Connecting an indirect-fired water heater to an existing forced hot water heating system is one of the most efficient ways of heating hot water.

Eligible Equipment:

Measure Rebate (Up To)
On Demand Tankless Water Hater w/ Electronic Ignition ≥ .94 EF $800
On Demand Tankless Water Hater w/ Electronic Ignition ≥ .82 EF $500
Condensing Stand Alone Water Heater ≥ 95% thermal efficiency (75 to 300 MBH) $500
High-Efficiency Indirect Water Heater $400
ENERGY STAR® Qualified Freestanding Water Heater ≥ .67 EF $100

If you find your customers don’t have a compatible heating system, recommend an on-demand water heater, a condensing gas water heater or an ENERGY STAR® qualified natural gas storage water heater to help them save more and use less.

Effective September 1, 2015, rebates are no longer available for commercial water heating equipment through the prescriptive rebate form for installations in Massachusetts. Below are several ways in which your business can benefit from the installation of high efficiency commercial equipment.

In New Hampshire, recommend high efficiency equipment to your customers so they can receive rebates directly from GasNetworks.  Make sure to provide your customers with an invoice that includes the model number of the equipment installed, so they have the appropriate documentation for their rebate application.

How to Apply for a Rebate

Download and share the appropriate rebate application with your customers. Note: Scroll down to see Commercial Programs on the Mass Save program page.

  • NH Unitil Commercial Customers High-Efficiency Equipment Application Form
  • Thank you for your interest in the GasNetworks NH Rebate program from Liberty Utilities.   Due to an overwhelming demand, the funds for this program are no longer available. Funding is expected to be replenished in January of 2016.   Although we are unable to provide a rebate, your investment in energy efficient products will provide value through lower fuel consumption for many years to come.

Indirect Water heaters

Connecting an indirect-fired water heater to an existing forced hot water heating system is one of the most efficient ways of heating hot water. Furthermore, they can be installed without additional exhaust piping.

On-Demand Tankless Water Heaters

Continuous hot water is essential for comfort and convenience and can save water by avoiding the installation of a tank. On-demand tankless units prevent standby energy losses and can be a great option for restricted or limited space as they can be mounted on a wall or installed indoors or outdoors.

Gas condensing water heaters

Installing a condensing storage water heater will save up to $15,000 over its lifetime from lower natural gas usage relative to a standard efficiency option. Typical return on investment compared to a standard efficiency commercial water heater is two years. Many high efficiency options provide fully modulating combustion for higher overall operating efficiencies and longer service life, advanced electronic controls for easy-to-read diagnostics, and adjustable advance temperature control.

Condensing gas water heaters require:

  • A different exhaust system with a blower since the cooler exhaust gases cannot be vented up the chimney
  • A floor drain to condensate pump to remove condensate
  • Connection to a 120 V electric outlet

For questions about eligible equipment, call the GasNetworks Rebate Administrator at (800) 232-0672.

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