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What to do if your boiler and central heating system will not operate?

November 4, 2015

AFTER - On-Demand Water Heater – Westborough, MAWhat to do if your boiler and central heating system will not operate?

As the weather turns colder we start to rely on our central heating systems to keep our homes at a comfortable temperature. Usually, gas central heating systems are very reliable especially if they are annually maintained and serviced by a Gas Safe registered heating engineer.

However, even with the most up to date and best maintained gas boilers, things go wrong.

Coming home or waking up to a cold home can be a little disheartening.

But before panicking and calling out an expensive boiler repair engineer, there are a few things you should check first. In all probability the reason why the boiler is not working is down to a simple problem that can easily be corrected.

Gas, water and electricity are essential for boiler operation. An interruption to any one of these services will prevent the boiler from operating. Check that all of these services are turned on and available.

To check for a gas supply, try operating other gas fueled appliances. If they won’t operate it is likely that there is an interruption to the gas supply.

If you have pre-payment meters, check that there is credit available.

Try re-setting your boiler by turning it off, leaving it for a few minutes and then turning it back on.

If it has been cold outside for more than a couple of days and you have an external condensate pipe, check that it has not frozen. A frozen condensate pipe will prevent a boiler from operating.

If your boiler displays an error code, check this code against the error code lists in the user manual. This will provide a clearer indication of the cause of the problem. Often the manual will indicate the necessary remedy.

If it turns out that the boiler requires professional attention, informing the heating engineers of the error code will ensure that the engineers arrive with any necessary parts. This will save time and money.

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