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17 modern bathroom faucets that’ll make you say WHOA

January 16, 2015

If you’re thinking of re-doing your bathroom, or just like to check out fun modern fixtures, this roundup of modern faucets has your name on it. Some of these faucets have the magical power of transforming your bathroom into a Zen garden, and some make it look like you’re washing your hands on the Starship Enterprise — like this Frisbee faucet with temperature-sensitive color changing LED lights.

A LOT of these are ridiculously expensive, some of them are surprisingly affordable, and I don’t think any of them are particularly eco-friendly or low-flow. BUT! All of them are gonna make you say WHOA!

towel rack faucet
Source: betterlivingthroughdesign.com via megan on Pinterest

Check out this hack for turning your modern bathroom faucet into a towel rack!

Would you believe this faucet is on sale for $24! That’s a lot of awesome for not a lot of dollars.

My jaw dropped when I saw this one. Wow, what an impact — it’s like a sci-fi waterfall!

They call this the “fan” faucet… for obvious reasons.

This faucet has a LOT of wow-factor to it — wall mounted, waterfall spout, and color-changing LED lights.

I love the combo of chrome and glass on this modern, Zen-like waterfall faucet.

This one almost looks like an MC Escher piece.

I used a faucet just like this, and I can’t tell you the thrill it gave me. Yes, I’m a nerd. But it was so AWESOME!

I also love the “joystick” action on this minimal and super modern faucet.

Speaking of minimalist, who needs a faucet at all! Just have water flow directly from your bathroom mirror.

The Fluid faucet reminds me of jumping off a diving board. It also comes with that neat extender (pictured above) for taller sink bowls.

Wow, I don’t even know how you turn this thing on! But I know that once you do, you have three different LED colors that light up. Blue is my favorite though.

This one just simply looks like two pipes intersecting. But it’s so much more than that! It’s an eco-friendly automatic faucet, utilizing less than 0.8 gallons per cycle, while a hydro-powered turbine charges the power supply during usage eliminating the need for battery replacement or consumption of external electrical power for up to 10 years.

structrual faucet
Source: Uploaded by user via Sheena on Pinterest

This is the most architectural sink I’ve ever seen. Frank Lloyd Wright would be proud.

You can also easily achieve the fun look of a modern LED faucet on ANY bathroom fixture with this screw-on LED light from Think Geek.

Source: alwin-bathware.com via megan on Pinterest

Finally, the perfect sink for your spaceship! This is the Ripple Faucet. The LED lights underneath the surface vary their intensity and color based on the flow and temperature of the water.


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