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10 Heating Myths Debunked

December 5, 2014

save_moneyNow that the temperature is beginning to fall, you’ve probably begun thinking about how to keep warm this winter without going broke.

There are plenty of stories passed down the grapevine as facts, perhaps some that have convinced you that there are changes to be made before the first frost hits. Before you get that honey-do list ready, get informed about these common heating myths.

1. If you replace your home’s windows with more insulated models, the savings in heating expenses will offset the cost of installation.

In reality, the large initial price tag associated with new windows may not be balanced by the energy cost savings for a long time, according to Fox News. Instead, put time and resources into repairing leaks near the current windows and doors that may allow warm air to escape. Additionally, you can cover your windows with plastic insulators to hold more heat in throughout the winter.

2. Copious use of duct tape around heating or cooling ducts is the best way to insulate and seal.

Contrary to its name, duct tape is not great for sealing your HVAC ducts. The adhesive can dry, collect dust and eventually fall off, leaving your ducts open for air leaks.

3. A new furnace will certainly reduce the cost of heating a home this winter.

While new models of furnaces can surely improve the amount you pay for utilities because they’re more efficient, proper installation plays a factor. According to Home Energy Magazine, improper setup of a heating or cooling system may cause a 30 percent loss in efficiency.

4. Heated flooring systems are a recent invention.

Radiant floor heating is far from novel! Healthy Heating reported that even the ancient Romans used the technology, not to mention countless civilizations since.

5. You will pay less for heat if you use electric space heaters instead.

According to Energy Vanguard, the validity of this myth depends on the cost of gas compared to electricity and how much space you’re trying to warm with the space heater. The practice can be effective if you keep the heat in your house low and use a space heater in your direct vicinity. However, that depends on the balance between those utility costs. Another factor to consider is the fact that electric space heaters can be a fire hazard if used improperly.

6. Ceiling fans are only useful during the summer.

This is an incorrect assumption, Fox News reported. If you set your ceiling fan to rotate slowly in a clockwise motion, the warm air that’s risen naturally will be pushed back down toward the ground.

7. Turning the heat up all the way will warm your house up faster, and you can just turn it down before any more energy is used.

Cranking up the heat won’t make anything happen quicker, it will just cost more.

8. The only way you can save on utility costs is by choosing Energy Star Appliances.

Check that all of your current equipment settings are in the correct place before you start looking for replacements. According to Fox News, adjusting the temperature on your water heater can bring about notable savings on monthly utility bills.

9. The quality of air inside your home suffers if you choose radiant heated flooring.

Healthy Heating explained that forced air systems actually push allergens through the home. Improved indoor air quality can reduce allergies, medical bills, incidences of asthma and more. European studies indicate that dust mite populations are reduced as much as 90% in radiant heated homes.

10. Updating your heating system isn’t worth it if you’re selling your home because buyers find it irrelevant and the sales price won’t be affected.


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